A mediation practice for complex commercial, personal injury, condemnation, construction, other civil law matters, and issues involving governmental entities
Lisa Ketai standing

My goal is to provide you the best possible opportunity to resolve your dispute outside the confines of the courthouse.

– Lisa Ketai

Lisa Ketai is the principal of LK Mediation Services LLC, a mediation practice for both general and complex matters. An accomplished attorney, Lisa brings to her practice recent and extensive courtroom experience and three decades of litigating a variety of cases for private, corporate, and governmental sectors. She has handled matters ranging from multimillion-dollar commercial disputes to minor property damage cases and everything in-between.

With the support and encouragement of many colleagues and members of the judiciary, Lisa has shifted her focus from litigation to mediation. She approaches her mediation practice with the same professionalism, collegiality, fairness, problem solving skill and ability to work with people at cross purposes that has earned her respect and admiration throughout her career.